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Serrapeptase: A Natural Anti-inflammatory Enzyme

This proteolytic enzyme is a natural enzyme that treats some health issues effectively. During the process of metamorphosis, a silkworm produces this enzyme to bore a hole in the tough cocoon so that the moth can be released. Dr. Napier, a noted German physician, discovered that Serrapeptase digests arterial plaque from the walls of arteries as well as dissolving blood clots and cysts without damage to healthy tissue. Blood circulation improves because it clears out the accumulated dead tissue.

Dr. Napier’s research also confirmed that this enzyme is very effective in reducing swelling and edema as well as destroying scar tissue. This natural anti-inflammatory is also very effective in relieving pain. In Europe and Asia, Serrapeptase is the preferred pain reliever rather than NSAIDs which is commonly used in the United States but may result in damage to the lining of the stomach or gastric ulcers. Because this enzyme is naturally occurring, it has no known gastrointestinal side effects and does not interact with prescribed medication.

Serrapeptase has been used for the past thirty years without complication, but you should discuss your health issues with your Physician before starting any new medication. Visit for more information.

Nattokinase Health Benefits

Nattokinase is made from natto, a Japanese food that is fermented soy beans. This popular dish has been served in Japan for over one thousand years. One of the enzymes from this food product has some direct fibrinolytic activity. Although Nattokinase is under-researched, it appears to reduce the risk of a cardiovascular incident by reducing the formation of blood clots. If you are searching for a natural blood clot buster, discuss the benefits of Nattokinase with your health care provider.